Ora. Audi. Parere.

Pray. Listen. Obey.
These words are like a compass to a diver.

Many Catholic youths who come to Youth DIVE come to learn how they can become closer to Jesus Christ, break sinful habits, and lead their friends and loved ones to God.

All divers know one thing: to evangelise the world, you must first work to become like Christ.

Youth DIVE is the perfect place to begin this journey of self-realisation and transformation because here you'll find a community of people just like you pursuing the same goals.


Youth DIVE Community
this is...

Youth DIVE

We are a community of devoted Catholic youths and young adults who are inspired by the Holy Spirit and empowered to use the variety of gifts and talents we have to evangelise the world.

Youth DIVE was born to answer our founder's most important question:
"How do I take centuries of rich Catholic theology and turn it into practical steps that I can use to become a holier Catholic?"

With time, the question changed to:
"How do I explain this in practical steps so that these young and active minds can apply it to their own lives?"

Our Values


A strong devotion to God is the first step to becoming a diver. One must will holiness.


Through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, the diver is able to recognise his special gifts.


It is with his unique variety of gifts and talents that the diver is able to do works of charity.


The diver must then go out into the streets and to his neighbour to proclaim Christ.

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What Divers are saying...

I just wanted to say THANK YOU for calling me to a higher standard and for never letting me fall into contentedness with my faith. You call me to continually grow and stretch out of my comfort zone to spread Jesus to those around me and it’s been a blessing journeying toward sainthood with you. I’ll be praying for you.


Your posts reach me as messages from God and the Blessed Virgin Mary, our Holy Mother. Thank you so much. May God continue blessing you.


Thank you for this. It seems you were talking to me directly.


I want to thank you immensely. I’ve always wanted to DM you but I never knew what to say. Plus I didn’t want to be another “struggling soul.” But I’m happy you are really approachable.


Thank you for your guidance. It’s so nice to talk to you. God bless you.


I’m about to celebrate Holy Mass. I will recommend you.

Fr. Juan

You know, I read your posts and they were so amazing like fire. I was having a hard time these days to even just stay still and manage my life and service. … Just came here to honour your service for the Lord.