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Do you want to Learn Practical Ways to Live a Truly Fulfilling Catholic Life?

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Practical Catholicism

When people think about truly practising the Catholic Faith, they usually picture themselves either as monks or as homeless wanderers in thick forests. At Youth DIVE, we discovered that Catholicism is meant to be practiced as part of your daily life whether or not you're called to be a monk.

The Goal of Youth DIVE, therefore, is to teach you how to live each moment of your life according to the will of God in preparation for eternal life with Him in Heaven.

Are you struggling with sinful habits? Do you want to understand Sacred Scriptures better? Is there a longing in your heart to spread the faith? Do you want to diver deeper into the Catholic Faith?

Then... Welcome Home, Diver.

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Our online community is rapidly growing, and thousands of divers all over the world work together to change each other's lives by using the gifts we've been given.

You too can be part of this wonderful community and get access to all the benefits of being an Active Diver. The most important benefit is that you'll be the first to know when any of our programme, material, or video is released.

What better way to grow your faith than to enjoy every moment of it with other youths and young adults just like you?

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Meet the founder

Founder of Youth DIVE

Chinemerem Andrew Iheanacho

Founder, Youth DIVE

As a Catholic Missionary and a Certified Life Coach, Solution-focused Coach, and Transformational Coach, he spends most of his days finding new ways to help people live truly fulfilling lives.

The Birth of Our Lovely Community

I know what it's like to desperately want to be holier as a youth and not know how to make that happen. The frustration that comes with believing you'll never be successful is just too much to bear.

For the greater part of my life - from my teenage years up into early adulthood - I struggled with different sinful habits. With a little research, I found out that almost every youth and young adult in the entire world struggles with the same problems.

I began to realise that most of the materials designed to solve my problems were filled with theological and philosophical gibberish that they were completely useless to the average teenager.

I needed something practical; something with steps and direct instructions. I didn't want something that hoped I'd understand the deeper meaning of life before trying to solve my immediate problems.

So, I started looking for practical solutions to my seemingly nagging situation. The more I learnt, the more I was able to simplify my knowledge and teach other people.

On the 13th of July, 2017, Youth DIVE's online community was born. After that, it just kept on growing. I'm very happy to see it become what it is now, and I can't wait to see what next God is planning to do with it.

Chinemerem Andrew Iheanacho