We are DIVERS!

Youth DIVE is an online community designed to engage devoted Catholic youths and young adults who are inspired by the Holy Spirit, and to enable them to use their varying talents and gifts to evangelize the world.

“Change your life, and you can change the world.”

Our Culture

Through improving ourselves, we make the world a better place. Our main goal is achieving ultimate success. This means perfecting all areas of our lives until all aspects are in line with the plan of God.

This makes the diver to adopt a lifestyle of constant self-improvement based on three simple questions:

  • How can I bring glory to God?
  • How do I serve other people more?
  • How do I become better in all 5 aspects of my life?

“Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect.”
– Jesus (Matthew 5:48)

How it all began

When I made up my mind to change my life and impact the world, I decided to learn from people who had already done so. Like they say, success leaves clues. But I had a problem: no single source had everything I needed.

For instance, I would meet a mentor who would know exactly what to do to have financial independence, but his philosophies, morals, and spiritual ideologies would be totally against Catholic teachings. And the Catholic mentors I had almost never spoke about paying bills and building profitable businesses.

The result was that many Catholic youths either developed a subconscious hate for money and business, or they became very amoral in their pursuit of wealth acquisition.

I had to do multiple researches and pull several all-nighters to find the truth I needed. Even at that, I still had to be extra careful in sieving the information so that I wouldn’t end up “opening up” to “allow the universe” bless me with “gifts.” Needless to say that the research process was more of a spiritual discernment exercise than an intellectual growth.

I was determined to be successful in life and to do so in a way that would be pleasing to God. Fast forward a few months later, and Youth DIVE was born, not just for me, but also for as many people as I could find who needed what I found.

Here, you’ll always have something to develop all 5 aspects (Spiritual, Psychological, Emotional, Physical, and Financial) of your life, and you’ll never have to worry about whether they are in line with your beliefs or not.

Welcome home, diver.

I’m Andrew. I’m nice.

My journey to becoming the person I am today began around the time I turned 21. I was convinced that 20 years of my life was a complete waste of time and I had made 2 decades of bad decisions. I usually didn’t have a plan for my future, and when I did, I didn’t believe I could achieve it.

People say they hit rock bottom, but I say it hit me. I went so low that I started “joking” about killing myself. I could not see any possible way of improving my life, so I thought… Nah, I didn’t think. I was just done with life.

Most days, I was too demotivated to even get up from my bed in the morning. You know this inner drive people speak about? Yeah, I had none. That bad.

I ended up settling for a lot of things I knew weren’t meant for me; many of them weren’t even right. Some days, I’d watch a few motivational videos to get me hyped up about life, but those high feelings only lasted a few hours.

“You cannot trick the soul for long. It knows what it was made for.”

Somewhere, deep down, I knew I wanted more; I was designed for more. But I dared not ask for it, even though I knew it was God’s plan for me. I wanted someone to just hand me a new life, or at least pull me out my old one. That was a miracle only God could perform, and I’m glad He worked it.

My life literally reset when I started looking at Catholicism as a culture, a complete way of life, and not just a philosophical theory. The scriptures popped out of the bible. The saints had more to say about my situation. My prayers and meditations had become more than just obligations. I had a new life.

One day, in what I would later call ‘a set-up by God’, I met a friend, and together we began to build a life that I now look on with joy and excitement. Knowing what I was made for and living that reality every day made me feel a great sense of achievement. Every day became a new adventure to wake up to. Every day, an opportunity to achieve ultimate success.

After almost a year of progress, I began to notice that many of my friends were having similar problems like I had. Many were following the same uninteresting routines every day. Some were bored to death with their lives. And others were too scared to start creating the lives they’ve always dreamed of living.

So, I started teaching them some of the things I learnt on my journey, and they began to see progress. We discovered a lot of things during those months, but the most important of all the lessons was this:

Anyone can discover what they were made for if, and only if, they know where and how to look.

“If you make up your mind to live a purposeful and fulfilled life, and you REALLY mean it, NOTHING can stop you. You will fulfill your God-given destiny!”

At Youth DIVE, thousands of people have access to resources that set them on new paths in their lives. Life is exciting when you’re living it the right way.

If you’re tired of living the average life, and are ready to live according to your life’s purpose – to achieve ultimate success – this is where you learn to do it.

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