We Believe...

...that holiness is not just for priests, nuns, and monks, but that every person can become an extraordinary saint.

Our Values


The diver is one who is devoted to the Blessed Virgin Mary through the Holy Rosary and the Brown Scapular.


Inspired by the Holy Spirit, every diver is equipped with the gifts to live out spread the Gospel of Christ.


The gifts we have received from the Holy Spirit are diverse. Each diver is called to use his unique talents and gifts.


Together, our goal is to take the Gospel of Truth which sets people free from sin to the ends of the world.

Deep Theology

At Youth DIVE, we believe that the easiest way to build a strong relationship with God is to get to the very heart of Truth.

For it is when we know and fully understand the Truth that God has revealed to His Church that we know God.

Practical Spirituality

Knowing, however, isn’t enough. We must also live according to charity, worshiping God in Spirit and in Truth.

Here, we use simple daily examples to show you how you can apply Catholicism in your normal daily life.

Hi there!

Are you struggling with sinful habits? Do you want to understand Sacred Scriptures better? Is there a longing in your heart to spread the faith? Do you want to diver deeper into the Catholic Faith? Do you want to learn practical ways to practice Catholicism?

If you answered “yes” to any off the questions above, then you’ve come to the right place. The Goal of Youth DIVE is to teach you how to live each moment of your life according to the will of God in preparation for eternal life with Him.

Join us now and start begin your journey to growing a stronger relationship with God and getting rid of all sinful habits!

Questions And Answers

The Youth DIVE Community is an online community. Everything we do is online. These enables us to easily reach Catholic youths from all over the world and give them equal opportunities to benefit from what we do.

Once you’re on our email list, you’re good to go. We’ll make sure you get everything you need to keep growing as a Catholic. If you haven’t signed up for anything yet, click here to begin.

Yes, and we usually reply within a few minutes or hours.

We have a Catholic professional certified Life and Transformational Coach on our team. He helps young people discover what they are called to do, and how they can start living a fulfilling lifestyle.

The Birth of Youth DIVE

Founder of Youth DIVE

Chinemerem Andrew Iheanacho

Founder, Youth DIVE

I know what it’s like to desperately want to be holier as a youth and not know how to make that happen. The frustration that comes with believing you’ll never be successful is just too much to bear.

For the greater part of my life – from my teenage years up into early adulthood – I struggled with sinful habits. I later found out that almost every youth and young adult in the entire world struggles with the same problems.

But the more I sought help, the more I realised that most of the materials designed to solve my problems were filled with theological and philosophical gibberish that they were useless to the average teenager.

I needed something practical; something with detailed steps and direct instructions. I didn’t want to understand the deep meaning of life. I just wanted something to tell me EXACTLY what I needed to become holy.

So, I started looking for practical solutions. The more I learnt, the more practical Catholicism became, and I was able to simplify my knowledge and teach other people.

On the 13th of July, 2017, Youth DIVE’s online community was created. This is where deep truth is made practical. This is where we learn to grow in holiness, step by step.

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