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Why Join DDA?

The Deep Diver Atmosphere was created to help Catholic youths better understand the teachings of the Church and their role in the Great Commission.

DDA is the manifestation of the core values of Youth DIVE: “Devotion. Inspiration. Variety. Evangelism.”

We focus on building up Catholics who are highly devoted to the Blessed Virgin Mary, Inspired by the Holy Spirit, Understand their God-given talents and gifts, and are ready to evangelise the world.

Everything we teach is in line with the teachings of the Catholic Church and simplified so that it makes sense and is practical, not just to young adults, but to even teenagers.

The Deep Diver goes from being an “Average Catholic” to being a reliable disciple of Christ, fully transformed, and ready to take the message of the Gospel to the ends of the earth.

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The 5 Aspects of Life™

The 5 Aspects of Life™ model works to build up the Catholic in the all areas of life. This ensures that no aspect of life conflicts with the daily practice of the faith. A Catholic who understands how each aspect affects life and how to handle every challenge is the Catholic who will experience a steady and consistent growth in spirituality and holiness.






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What divers say?

So True! Thanks for all yours spiritual insights and courage to share your faith with us - you tell it like it is! I just wish our Catholic priests would NOT gloss over sin, satan and hell. ... The priests I have had in the past were nice people, but very rarely spoke of hell, sin and the importance of confession.
Deep diver
I just love your posts! So incredibly informational but also practical to how we can apply it to ourselves. I'm thankful to God I came across your page. Keep up the awesome work glorifying and uniting people with our Lord!

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