Book Recommendations

The Didache Bible

This is the diver's preferred Bible for many reasons. Firstly, it also comes in a durable leather back cover.

More importantly, however, is the fact that the Didache Bible is like a Bible and the Catechism in one document.

While you're reading the Bible, the Catechism is there to explain what's going on. That way, you're never left hanging wondering the meaning of what you just read. Meditation has never been easier.

The Penny Catechism

This is used in many parishes to train children for their First Holy Communion. And in some parishes where they don't use this book, parents still buy a copy and use it to teach their children at home.

It is very simplified and short, yet it covers the main topics in the Catholic faith; everything from "Who made you?" to how a Christian should live his life.

Every diver starts with this book. We believe that it is vital to your understanding of the "Catechism of the Catholic Church." This book will lay the foundation on which more knowledge about the Catholic faith can be built.

No matter your age, start with this book.

Catechism of the Catholic Church

This is the single most detailed document on the teachings of the Catholic Church. If anyone ever asks you anything about what Catholics believe as regards to faith or morals, this is the book to search.

Everyone keeps saying that it's a must have for all Catholic homes; and they're absolutely right!

After the Bible, this book should be the very next book you buy. Study it twice as much as any other spiritual book you have and you'll be sure to improve your Catholic faith.


Among divers, this book is fondly referred to as "The Cool Catechism" because of its language and simplicity. It expresses everything in a way that teenagers and young adults immediately understand.

You could look at it as a book that fills the gap between the Penny Catechism and the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

If you want to teach the faith, discuss about it with your friends and family, host Catholic group meetings, talk about the faith on social media with other young people, or just enjoy the awesome pictures and stick figures related to the faith, then the Youcat is for you.

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Imitation of Christ

This books takes you one step deeper into what it really means to be like Christ. It challenges the norm that we're so used to in society and urges us to live more Christlike lives.

This book is not just one of those books that takes you round a philosophical or theological argument and leaves you hanging. No. It actually tells you how to do what is expected of you.

It's one of those books you'd want to carry with you everywhere so that you can read it whenever you're free.

You will find this book worthy of its name.